Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Russell Ord

Russell Ord: Someone walked in the gallery the other day and said “I have seen this Russell Ord’s work around a fair bit in magazines the gallery looks great do you know him?” I have been surfing out at Margies and come across this guy a fair bit and we only know each other by face so I said “yes really well” and left at that, I only sold a few postcards that day but left the gallery pretty stoked. 1974 / WIFE CATHERINE / KALANI, TAVIAN AND AYLA MY TRIO/ INSPIRATIONS FAMILY NO QUESTION/ SURF PHOTOGRAPHER / MARGARET RIVER WESTERN AUSTRALIA  / COVERS EDITORIAL ADVERTISING POSTAGE STAMPS/ TRAVEL / FILM DIGITAL / WRITING / WATER LAND LIFESTYLE CREATE / NO EXPECTATIONS / EXPERIENCE THE WORLD / FIRST PUBLISHED 98/ MARGIES CYCLOPS INDO SHIPSTERNS  SERENITY/ EXHIBITIONS GALLERIES / ENTHUSIASTIC PROFESSIONAL RELAXED SACRIFICE /SURF RUGBY LEAGUE SPORTS BOOKS SKATE SNOW/ PEOPLE PLACES RESPECT / LIFE IS GREAT / BIO IS BRIEF.


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