Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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I have a new blog at the gallery website so if you find yourself at this one at some stage please click the above photo and you will be directed there - Cheers
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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Lucky enough to do a quick trip to Indo last week with Kerby Brown, Brett Burcher, Cale Grigson and Marti Paradisis here is a couple of good friend Phil Goodrich an amazing tube rider and an even better artist the rest of the photos should make an appearance In Waves magazine in the near future.

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Monday, April 5, 2010


"Cow Town Drive Through"
Sitting in the gallery and the sound of a V8 engine always creates an interest especially when it belongs under the bonnet of a vintage car, three hundred plus cars drove through the sleepy town below is just a small sample of the pilgrimage. 

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"Just another day at The Box"

"Just another day at The Box"

With the world's best surfers spending so much time Down Under this year, a session like this was pretty much inevitable. But when photographer Russell Ord was pressed about what made this day at The Box in West Oz unique, he simply replied, "It was just another typical day out there." If a typical day out there means guys like Joel Parkinson and Josh Kerr pulling into overhead barrels over a sharp and shallow reef, then yes, we believe you Mr. Ord. But from where we're sitting the following collection of images are pretty exceptional. (Russell Ord)


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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soggybones Sitting Room Admirer2

Sitting Room Launch Night Goes Off

Posted by Justin Ward on 31 March 2010 | 0 Com
On the 19th March, three hundred people invaded the quiet town of
 Cowaramup for the official launch of Russell Ord's new Gallery,
The Sitting Room. 
The small town generally used as a pit stop for people travelling
South to Margaret River, came to life as crew from all over
West Oz rolled in to admire Ord and several other prominent
 artist and photographers finest creations.
 The white walls of Ord's new gallery and the adjacent
office space were filled with some of the best surf
photography and art my eyes have had the pleasure of viewing.
A top crowd attended the event and everyone was
complimented with a quality range of  beer, Edwards wine, tasty
woodfire pizza and unreal music provided by one of the worlds
best guitarists', Bryan Kellner. Seriously, if you walked away
 from the night without a big grin, you would have to be thinking,
'is there something severely wrong with my head.'

Artists showcased on the night include: Tim Jones, Stu Gibson,
Jamie Scott, Caleb Davenport, Duncan Macfarlane,
Rosco Kermode, Shannon Conway, Amanda Conway,
Rae Threnoworth, Courtenay Grey, Dave Englert and Russell Ord.
If you're passing through Cowaramup, stop off at
The Sitting Room Gallery, Shop 2, 62 Bussell Highway,
Cowaramup, Western Australia.
Photos: Duncan Macfarlane and Chenee Tharpe.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Welcome To West Oz, Mate

After Western Australia-based photographer Russell Ord began beaming us distorted images from the host of slabs and mutant waves that are popping up all over his zone, we reevaluated our manhood, and figured it was a good idea to get a little insight from all the lunatics involved. Come to find out it's a tight-knit community down there, and for as crazy as their act may be, when you boil it all down, at the heart of it all they're still just surfers ... even if they do have a death wish. "Click on ESPN above for full story"Western Australia-based  over his zone, we reevaluated our manhood, and figured it was a good idea to get a little insight from all the lunatics involved. Come to find out it's a tight-knit community down there, and for as crazy as their act may be, when you boil it all down, at the heart of it all they're still just surfers ... even if they do have a death wish. (Russell Ord)
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Few empties

A couple of West Oz waves.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Soggybones Magazine

Soggybones is not just another mainstream Surf/Skate and Lifestyle publication. We produce a quality and timeless product in an environmentally friendly online format. The magazine is released on a quarterly basis as an attractive and stylishly designed 'electronic coffee table' addition that fervently comes without an expiry date. Soggybones wittingly and often obnoxiously goes against the grain and flow of the mainstream. Instead of sticking with the masses it haughtily illuminates the shadows of society with a stalwart intention of exposing the talents of emerging passionate individuals. Our concentration focuses on the real world; real people, real stories, real humour, real passion, real inspiration and real opportunities. We believe in superior and personalised design reflective of each individual subject, and present all of our stories in an uplifting, identifiable, progressive and artistic fashion.

4 free online editions per year along with a Limited Edition hard copy, coffee table mag, which is to be released at the end of each year and will be available from select specialty stores throughout the country and also on our website http://www.soggybones.com (site will be live soon).

I can’t reveal first edition details, but expect raw international stories covering surf | skate | snow | lifestyle | music | art | photography | film and some very tidy rigs.

To contribute, swing enquiries to justin@soggybones.com. Models, filmmakers, photographers, surfers, skaters, snowboarders, designers and writers are all welcome to enquire. Photogs’- best to direct enquiries to our senior photog and photo editor Russell Ord. Russell@soggybones.com. Make sure you ask Russ for a copy of our Photo Submissions Protocol. 

All other enquiries, head to our website, www.soggybones.com or send enquiries to info@soggybones.com

Advertising positions are limited and still available, but positions are filling fast. Advertising for 3 Months only, on the website and within the e-mag pages are completely FREE. You don’t get much for free these days, so go on, make the most of our special offer. Contact Luke@soggybones.com for all ad related enquiries.

To follow us on Facebook, type in Soggybones Magazine in the search bar and we’ll surely pop up.

So you know, our entire senior team (minus our Californian Skate Ed.) just returned from a four-day trip, somewhere within West Oz to shoot the cover. The end product is unlike any cover I have seen before and we all cannot wait to release the juicy produce to the world.

I hope you all enjoy reading and support Soggybones Magazine. Out March 2010.

Quotes from Editor Justin Ward:
“Creating a quality magazine has always been one of my strongest ambitions.
In thought it’s easy enough, but actually creating something that people want to read is harder than you think. We’re a new mag, we’re young and we’re just going to give it our all and have some fun along the way. If crew hate on us, I’ll be stoked. At least they aren’t just jumping on another bandwagon. Our team is over reading the same old shit about the same old people. Sick of hearing the negative issues surrounding our world. We’re tired of the sheepish attitudes people adopt in attempts to clutch popularity and status and I’m sure shit loads of people from all corners of the globe share the same thoughts and opinions. “

“The main reason why we started up Soggybones is to provide a platform for young creatives to showcase their talent. Studying art, photography and journalism etc is one thing. Passing the units isn’t even the hardest part, finding work after all of the study is over is where the going gets tough. Big companies aren’t that interested in giving a young guy/girl a crack. ‘Come back when you have a few years of experience,’ the owner says. Not sure how people are going to gain proper experience if they can’t even get a foot in the door. Soggybones doesn’t close doors to young crew. You don’t even need a degree. I think attitude, determination and passion are more important than a piece of paper. Our doors are open and we’re here to help young talent grow. “

“Soggybones isn’t your typical mag. We don’t have big budgets and big corporations don’t control us. What you see and read is what we care about.
We aren’t interested in promoting the rich and famous, we stray from those types of characters. Soggybones will spotlight the crew who work hard for all the right reasons. These people are passionate and they do what they do, because they love it. They are individuals, they are real and they are our inspiration. “

“The day you see competition reports and competitive talk in Soggybones is the day I’ll quite writing. That shit isn’t what surfing and skateboading is about. I find competition boring and it brings out the worst in peoples personalities. Who want’s to be told where to surf or where to skate and how to do it? Not me. Soggybones is the same. We’re doing what we want and how we want to do it.”

Soggybones Don’t Break.

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Russell Ord

Russell Ord: Someone walked in the gallery the other day and said “I have seen this Russell Ord’s work around a fair bit in magazines the gallery looks great do you know him?” I have been surfing out at Margies and come across this guy a fair bit and we only know each other by face so I said “yes really well” and left at that, I only sold a few postcards that day but left the gallery pretty stoked. 1974 / WIFE CATHERINE / KALANI, TAVIAN AND AYLA MY TRIO/ INSPIRATIONS FAMILY NO QUESTION/ SURF PHOTOGRAPHER / MARGARET RIVER WESTERN AUSTRALIA  / COVERS EDITORIAL ADVERTISING POSTAGE STAMPS/ TRAVEL / FILM DIGITAL / WRITING / WATER LAND LIFESTYLE CREATE / NO EXPECTATIONS / EXPERIENCE THE WORLD / FIRST PUBLISHED 98/ MARGIES CYCLOPS INDO SHIPSTERNS  SERENITY/ EXHIBITIONS GALLERIES / ENTHUSIASTIC PROFESSIONAL RELAXED SACRIFICE /SURF RUGBY LEAGUE SPORTS BOOKS SKATE SNOW/ PEOPLE PLACES RESPECT / LIFE IS GREAT / BIO IS BRIEF.

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Rosco Kermode

ROSCO: ART has always been my greatest joy.....SURFING created a lifestyle that has driven my path together they have given me some absolutely amazing experiences, friendships, destinations and an appreciation of nature + LIFE. It is the simple things that have always been the most important, my time working with traditional indigenous elders and communities instills the need to remain connected to the source of our being its all about country + culture. THE FEELING OF surfing , art , nature being open to the MOMENT. When I create my art, all these feelings are pouring into it, FINE ART
is a collection of my experience, knowledge and emotion CARTOONS are just great fun, its all about sharing the JOY”..

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Amanda Conway - Jewellery

This is a very small sample of Amanda Conway's Jewellery that will be available from the Sitting Room Gallery, for further details please call the gallery on 9755 9115.
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